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Please note Sidetracks is a volunteer-run project – we have trained ourselves and each other in silkscreen printing and want to SHARE these skills with you! Our studio is a DIY (do it yourself) studio – not a professional studio and we are not professional screenprinters! If your project is a treasured art piece where there is no room for error, if you are having a screenprinting emergency, or something along these lines, we recommend that you seek professional screenprinting help. 

Book our Printing Services for your Project

Book our Studio for your Project


Please send the form to:


Our pricing scheme for contract work is based on materials used, overhead cost and valuing our volunteers’ time. As always, our payment policy is pay-what-you-can, so all of our prices are on a sliding scale. Groups who don’t have that much funding are welcome to pay the lower end, and we ask groups with more funds to pay towards the higher end in order to support the space and other lower-income organizations. Contact us with details and we’ll work out a price depending on what you need.

To give you an idea, check out our Suggested Donation Calculator 



  • Screenprinting workshops for your volunteers or members

  • Print posters to promote an event or campaign

  • Print t-shirts or patches to sell and/or to raise funds for your organisation

  • Print zine or book covers for your publication

  • Printing projects to get you and your friends through the winter

  • Organise a fundraiser for us or with us (and have our eternal love)

Things we love to print


If you or your community project want to do a screenprinting project send us a request!
We’ll put you in touch with volunteers and guide you through the process. We are here to make screenprinting accessible for people working towards social change & transformation - especially those working within an anti- racist & 2sLGBTQ+ inclusive framework. Projects are done on a sliding scale / pay-what-you-can basis, though your donations are greatly appreciated.

Things we love to print :​​​​

  • posters for your group

  • posters promoting an event 

  • posters for rallies!

  • posters or t-shirts promoting a campaign

  • t-shirts for your volunteers

  • bandanas with anti-imperialist slogans on them

  • posters or t-shirts to raise money for your group

  • patches of identification

  • secret patches

  • all kinds of arts that make you feel good

  • silkscreening as a group activity – fun for all ages (except really little ones)

​If any of the above speaks to you – fill out one of our Project Proposal forms and send it to

Booking our services for your project

Booking our studio for your project 



A collective

Sidetracks is a collective that works towards empowerment, self-determination and collective liberation. The collective aims to be run by and for people who are trans, two-spirit, queer, Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour. As a collective of activists and artists, we work within an anti-oppression framework toward social and economic transformation, and share skills and resources to create art in the spirit of self-representation and revolution.


Our mandate is to make screenprinting accessible to projects, organizations and collectives working towards social change and transformation - namely those working within an anti-racist & 2sLGBTQIA+ inclusive framework, while also offering an affordable space for emerging artists to develop their artistic practice. We do this through affordable screenprinting 101s and 201s, hosting open studios, offering our services to community and/or political organisations with little to no budget, and through a youth mentorship program in collaboration with the Press Start Employment Initiative.

Our Guiding Principles


Our mission is rooted in the understanding that our different experiences of oppression (ableism, capitalism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, fatphobia, classism, etc.) are intertwined. Together they undermine the power, skills and knowledge of our communities. This is why we believe that access to resources and skills is essential to fight back against our different social, political and economic realities.


We acknowledge that while being in a process of learning and skill-sharing it is possible for us to participate in each others oppression, which is why we are committed to holding each other and ourselves accountable to shared values and to our collective responsibilities in order to improve and strengthen our intercommunal connections.

*Sidetracks is a working group of QPIRG Concordia



  • we provide you with guidance through out the silkscreening process

  • we provide a volunteer to “host” your project at the studio and print with you

  • we provide the equipment and some supplies

  • you provide the image, the materials to be printed on (i.e. t-shirts, paper, fabric)

  • you provide 1-3 volunteers to help with the printing process (if needed)


Suggested Donation Calculator 


  • you provide the materials to be printed on (i.e. t-shirts, paper, fabric)

  • you provide the image

  • we take care of the rest

  • write to us at for more info!

There are two ways that Sidetracks can support your printing project:




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